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Flawless Execution - Hardcover Book

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Use the techniques and systems of America's Fighter Pilots to Perform at Your Peak and Win the Battles of the Business World.
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Flawless Execution is the ultimate guide to improving organizational operations—the fighter pilot way! At Mach 2, the instrument panel of an F-15 is screaming out information, the horizon is a blur, the wingman is occupied, the jet is hanging on the edge—and yet fighter pilots routinely handle the stress. It's not much different in today's unforgiving business world. One slip-up and your business environment can change indefinitely.


What works on the squadron level for F-15 pilots will also work for your marketing team, human resources department, research and development group or C-level team. By analyzing your work environment and attacking your centers of gravity in parallel, you'll begin to utilize the Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief cycle that will rapidly impact your business's future success. Flawless ExecutionSM is a continuous improvement model that is rooted in U.S. fighter squadron processes that have been used for nearly fifty years to reduce their mistake rate, cut casualties and equipment losses, and rack up an envious victory record. Now, with Flawless Execution, your business can too.



"Few new books stand out in the ever-crowded field on self-improvement, teamwork, and individual leadership. Flawless Execution is one of them. Exceptional military leaders and teams excel under pressure and accomplish objectives that everyone else considers impossible. They do this not by chance but by choice—developing and applying uncommon insights and skills that are, as Jim Murphy teaches, within reach of us all. But there’s another lasting lesson here: Flawless Execution isn’t literally about perfection; it’s about unlocking far more of the untapped best inside of you."

 - Rober K. Cooper, PH.D., bestselling author of Executive EQ and The Other 90%


"Murphy brings down to earth the principles and tactics that every business leader can use."

 - Jim Lovell, former Navy pilot and commander of Apollo 13


"If you’ve been inspired by the Good to Great foundation of ‘disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action’ and wondered ‘How do I do that in our firm?’ here’s your answer. Jim Murphy has lived it, done it, and taught it; now he’s written it down for the rest of us. Flawless Execution is about what works, what’s proven, and what is highly transferable to any organization that desires to move from good to great."

 - John C. Horton, founder and president of the Leadership Forum


"In Flawless Execution, Jim Murphy lays out a powerful arsenal of tools to help your A players win the battles of business"

- Brad Smart, PH.D., president of Smart & Associates, Inc., and author of Topgrading


“The Flawless Execution model is a perfect flight plan for any fast-growth business. Who better to teach precision execution to firms moving fast than those that do it best—U.S. fighter pilots.”

 - Verne Harnish, founder of the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

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