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Courage to Execute- Hardcover

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What Elite U.S. Military Units Can Teach Business About Leadership and Team Performance
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The U.S. military in general, and its many elite organizations in particular, possess a culture of high performance. Courage to Execute outlines the six basic principles that operate at the foundation of high performance: leadership, organization, communication, knowledge, experience, and discipline, known together as LOCKED. When all are practiced effectively, teamwork emerges. But the most elusive quality that exists at the heart of all elite military teams, the element that organizations and businesses deeply desire to perform more efficiently and effectively, is trust. Trust is easily spent, but hard won.


In Courage to Execute, Afterburner Founder and CEO James Murphy shares a multitude of personal leadership stories that illustrates the principles of LOCKED. Through these stories of intense situations encountered by true elite military units, Courage to Execute demonstrates why simplicity combats complexity, how mutual accountability yields trust, and how a focused and coordinated environment prepares your team for success. Have the courage to dig in and turn your organization into a high-performance, elite unit that executes consistently.




"I've worked with Jim; he knows his stuff, and this book is proof of that. Courage to Execute is full of proven tactics and techniques to drive business success by applying military principles, some of which we've deployed at The Home Depot. What I admire most about Jim's work is that he understands that at the heart of every strategy…at the core of every successful campaign…are people."

 - Carol Tomé, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Services at The Home Depot


"Our PepsiCo leadership team has leveraged Jim Murphy's Afterburner frameworks and lessons learned to enhance our executional excellence; from how we plan to our execution at the point of purchase."

 - Brian C. Cornell, CEO PepsiCo Americas Foods


"In Courage to Execute, ex-fighter pilot Jim Murphy explains the proven frameworks and techniques used by our military's highest performing units to drive Flawless Execution while performing at the highest levels. He clearly and simply adapts those tools for business leaders who want to improve their teams' execution at any level. It is a great read full of practical insights and tools to drive executional excellence."

 - Mike White, Chairman and CEO, DirecTV


"Jim Murphy's work with us and his latest book Courage To Execute have truly disrupted - in a positive way - how our business thinks and executes. The motion picture industry doesn't just need to make films about the military, we need to adopt their tactics! Businesses across the spectrum can learn from this book and Murphy's experience which can accelerate anyone's performance."

 - Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO, Relativity Media, LLC


"As an Army Aviator and current business executive, I am convinced that the principles and tactics of our military's high-performing teams hold valuable lessons for American business. Courage to Execute brings those lessons home. Simplicity does combat complexity!"

 - Colonel Lawrence M. Iwanski, U.S. Army Reserve and Executive Director, Financial Services at a Leading Financial Services Provider


"You can't travel far in corporate America without hearing about Jim Murphy and the radical things he and his company are doing. Murphy is the hands down voice of successful companies and elite corporate warriors everywhere. Courage to Execute is his third, and by far his best book yet. Navy SEALs. Army Rangers. And all the tools the rest of us need to be SEALs in our own lives. Highly recommended."

 - L. Douglas Keeney, Former Vice President, Young & Rubicam and author of 15 Minutes


"In Courage to Execute, Jim 'Murph' Murphy artfully blends the lessons learned during an inspirational military career into practical, applicable guidance that effectively translate to the civilian business world. Jim provides historical content that validates the advice and direction provided. He weaves first hand wins from business and professional sports to further advance the realization of what can be accomplished in our efforts to achieve our specific High Definition Destinations (HDD), while leveraging simplicity over complexity. Murphy incorporates components of his book, Flawless Execution with new, powerful insight that aids the reader in victoriously attacking his/her real world, real pressure, high risk, high reward environment. As a child of both the military and corporate America (IBM Corporation) I have lived the framework so well-articulated in Courage to Execute and been the benefactor of its processes and systems. This is a wonderful tutorial to success as seen through the eyes of an American military hero and entrepreneur."

 - Steven W. Tomson, Director of Sales at ProfitStars



 James D. Murphy: James D. "Murph" Murphy, is the Founder & CEO of Afterburner, Inc., established in 1996. A former U.S. Air Force F-15 fighter pilot, Murphy established Afterburner to teach skills inspired by his military service to business leaders all over the world. He and his team of veterans led Afterburner to its three-time recognition by Inc. Magazine for "fastest-growth" including the "Inc. 500 List" twice. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, Newsweek, and has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and Bloomberg News. He is the author of the bestselling books Business is Combat and Flawless Execution and is co-author of The Flawless Execution Field Manual and The Debrief Imperative with William M. Duke

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